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In case you are interacting with Vtiger 6 via it's web services interface, you might have noticed that the entity Products not not expose it's VAT, service or sales tax (which are referenced from another table).

Tax information is stored in the table vtiger_producttaxrel and there is also a new entity exposed via web services called ProductTaxes and also Taxes. Unfortunately, because this table is relational, web services cannot work with this table in a proper way. At least from the research I did, if you need to import / export this information via web services, there is no way to do this at this point, because existing classes cannot directly work with this table. Any efforts to retrieve or insert information will fail (largely because this table does not implement an id field as primary key as other entities do).

Working solution for importing / exporting / insert / update / delete Product Tax via Web Services

While ideally you wound want just to work just with Products, this solution overrides the core class that handles ProductTaxes. Any insert / update / retrieve will have to be done in two or more steps, and all will be using the create operation, even if semantically it does not make sense.

All examples shown rely on the library vtwsclib and only relevant parts of the code are presented. Also the examples not not include error handling. You SHOULD add them to your code.

Retrieving a new product with VAT or other taxes

This needs to be done in two or more steps (if you require more than one tax).

$recordId = '14x19';
$recordInfo = $client->doRetrieve($recordId);

$params = array(
    "operation" => "retrieve",
    "productid" => "14x23",
    "taxid" => "33x1"
$recordTaxesInfo = $client->doCreate("ProductTaxes", $params);

A tax for a product will look like:

    [productid] => 14x19
    [taxid] => 33x1
    [taxpercentage] => 17.000
    [id] => 

Inserting a new product with VAT

// Create product
$params = array(
    "productname" => "My product with VAT",
$createResult = $client->doCreate("Products", $params);

// Add tax to created product
$params = array(
    "operation" => "create",
    "productid" => $createResult['id'],
    "taxid" => "33x1",
    "taxpercentage" => "19"
$createResult = $client->doCreate("ProductTaxes", $params);

Updating a product with VAT

Updating is handled by doCreate as well.

// Updating tax value for existing product
$params = array(
    "operation" => "update",
    "productid" => "14x16",
    "taxid" => "33x1",
    "taxpercentage" => "16"
$createResult = $client->doCreate("ProductTaxes", $params);

Deleting a product

No matter how you created the taxes (manually or via webservices), it looks like invoking delete on Products will NOT delete it's references in the table vtiger_producttaxrel.

// Delete product with id
$params = array(
    "id" => "14x17",

$deleteResult = $client->doInvoke("delete", $params, "POST");

The code above will move the product to the Recycle bin. Emptying it, will not delete data from vtiger_producttaxrel. This looks like a bug in Vtiger and I am not addressing this scenario with a fix.

Deleting just the tax for a product

While normally this should be done via invoking delete, to implement / get it to work that way, it would mean a couple more classes and methods that need to be overwritten. I opted for using the doCreate do handle the delete process as well.

$params = array(
    "operation" => "delete",
    "productid" => "14x18",
    "taxid" => "33x1",

$deleteResult = $client->doCreate("ProductTaxes", $params);

How to Install the Solution

  1. Download file VtigerProductTaxesOperation.php from github.
  2. Copy file VtigerProductTaxesOperation.php to VTIGER_ROOT/include/Webservices/Custom/VtigerProductTaxesOperation.php.
  3. Execute following MySQL query to replace the handler path for the ProductTaxes entity (assumption is made that the entry ProductTaxes already exists in the table). UPDATE vtiger_ws_entity SET handler_path = 'include/Webservices/Custom/VtigerProductTaxesOperation.php' WHERE vtiger_ws_entity.name = "ProductTaxes";
  4. All set!

Technical Details of the Implementation

Querying the Products entity does not show the product relationships. There is no join on related tables. From what I understand (https://discussions.vtiger.com/index.php?p=/discussion/171789) this is on the development roadmap, but not yet available in Vtiger 6.0.0. So if you need it now, bummer.

After doing some research / testing, I started overriding methods from the class VtigerProductTaxesOperation which itself extends VtigerActorOperation.

doCreate is the only operation for ProductTaxes that manages to bypass the Vtiger call logic. Any other methods will fail as they rely on you providing a valid id, which for ProductTaxes is simply not possible. So I am using doCreate as a controller in order to route all operations to the proper method. Semantically bad, but better as overriding tons of classes.

This solution is just a workaround. It's not architecturally sound, but (at least for my needs) it does the job.

Vtiger will need to implement the Products in a similar manner on how the Inventory is handled (https://wiki.vtiger.com/index.php/ServerAPIreferencemanual#InventoryRecordCreate). Meanwhile this is the only solution I have found for Vtiger 6.0.0.

Use with caution and keep on eye on developments on this subject.

Word of Caution

  • This is a non-standard implementation. I cannot guarantee that this will work on future versions. It's best to check in version 6.1 or later if this functionality does not already exist.
  • Test in advance if this fulfills your authorization needs. I only tested it against an administrator account.
  • Do not use this solution on production environments until you tested in thoroughly and are certain it works as you need it to work and no data corruption or any other issues occur.
  • I decline any responsibility for damages to your installation and database.
  • This may conflict with the Inventory creation over web services - test your inventory handling as well.

Feedback & Contributions

The code for this solution if freely available on github. Fell free to fork it and to send a PR is something is broken. If you find something wrong or you want to further improve it, raise a issue or leave a comment in the section below.

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